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New Orleans Construction
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If Hurricane Katrina has taught us anything it is that life in New Orleans presses on. Sims Brothers is proud to offer new home construction services to get this once thriving city back on the map – and to get you your new dream home.

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Think of the new home construction process as a way to plan the home you can afford AND the home you’ve always wanted. We want you to be involved in this process and we value your input. Prior to the construction we’ll meet with you to:

• Discuss the floor plan and exterior facade
• Complete the structural selections
• Finalize the decorator selections (everything carpets to kitchen cabinets)
• Complete the mortgage application

We’ll then place the orders for the materials necessary for construction and prepare the home site for the foundation (if applicable). From installing underground plumbing to getting the home site ready for framing, this is the first step of the construction phase.
In the next construction phases we will:

• Rough-frame the first and second floors
• Install sheathing and roof trusses
• Install exterior trim, windows and shingles
• Complete the siding or other masonry façade
• Install rough HVAC mechanicals
• Install rough plumbing and electrical wiring
• Install insulation and drywall
• Complete flooring, whether hardwoods, vinyl or carpets
• Install final plumbing fixtures, electric and HVAC mechanicals
• Install appliances, cabinets and complete all painting and trim work

After the home is near completion, we will landscape the exterior. Home inspections will then be completed and you’ll be ready to see your new home!

Contact us today at (504) 416-9633 if you’re ready to build the home you’ve always wanted.

New Orleans ConstructionConstruction In New Orleans

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